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What did you improve on most

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ok so over the riding season this year what is one of the things you most improved on something that you worked hard at and improved big time with ?

for me i would say i am happiest with how great i am taking my corners i use to tense up when i would see a 20mph corner but not know i am taking them at 35 some times 40 i love how far my cornering has come and so look forward to spring and summer next year to get even better :)
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much can be learned from reading books on how to be consistent and smoth in cornering.
i recently attended a seminar for the "total control" class.
i learned much from the teacher...i have practiced much of this as well.
i will post up video when i get permission from him.
i have at least 1:20 minutes of the video of our class....and some pics as well.

i would love to see them for sure i will say riding with two of my buddies that are killer riders also helped me out big time rode two up with them to feel what it is like to take corners at high speeds and how the smoothness is and just riding two up with them i learned so much i my self can not take a 15 mph corner at 70 but it was sweet doing it with him :)
but really that is something more i want to work on next summer also

that class sounds great deamon wish they had something like that around here .
what books do you recomend?
thanks deamon they do not come to oregon but might beable to get one at wa very cool .
Will agree with you, Mike. I don't ride with locals anymore, am tired of hearing that I didn't keep up passing on hills!
that is a bummer your locals are like that i have to say are group rides rock and it is for all skill leavels it is allways ride your own ride
Ang, that's great about your cornering. It's the thing I am still not so comfortable with, but I know I will get there, too.

The thing I learned this year was simply that I can ride! I hadn't ridden a bike in about 24 years, and I was skeptical that I could actually be comfortable on my bike. Well, I am comfortable and so glad I got myself back on a bike!
ya it is great i know i have much more to lear but have come a long way this year and look forward to even more next year

that is great girl what a feeling it is and i am so glad you got back into rideing also nothing better for the soul :)
Learning to not care what others say as far as how i look on the bike while riding, but to actually improve instead.
the harder a person tries to look cool, the worse they ride generally.
do what just feels natural, and your riding improves.
And trust the bike, it can lean a lot further than many think, and when it slides, just stay smooth anyways.
if you are not smooth as glass you will crash when riding hard.
so very very true stay relax is a big big key . look forward to this summer when i get to ride with you :)
I guess I am like the rest.....I improved on my turns!!!!!
That includes the ones from a stop :biggrin: I used to make my right turns and end up in the lane next to where I was heading :lol: I'm happy to report, I can turn sharp and stay in my own lane now!!!!
girl you have come so far this year it is so great i am so happy you are riding your own ride and it would be a honor to ride with you :biggrin:
here ya go ang...just in case you missed out on seeing it.
YouTube - pinewood reservoir down
i know...i'm a forum spammer
oh man i did miss it how do i keep missing these that rocked to cool thanks made my day
Not being run over by stupid freakin cagers on cell phones while texting and/or eating!
oh so true
That is what I need to practice on the most. My turns are getting better with time though. I don't always stop too gracefully either. But I still remember being nervous going out. One time I wanted to quit and sell my bike. Glad hubby talked me out of it.
the more you ride the better it will feel that is for sure and if you have some really great riders that know how to ride and give you pointers that helps for sure i have a bunch of friends that have tought me a ton i hope to be out on the track maybe next year told hubby he could do it first so if i do not go out this year will the following ;) ..

one of the many great things i have learned is allways relax and if you feel your self tensing up sounds corney but flap your arms like a chicken to losen your self up :)
I wish I had more people to ride with where I live. So far I havn't found a good group to go out with. I have some friends who ride but getting our schedules together is near impossible. I think when the season comes back next year, I'm going to take the Advanced Motorcycle course. Its basically the riding portion of the Basic course but you use your own bike. I think I could really benefit from it. Plus its free! So there are NO excuses on why I can't take it.

wished i lived by you girl we would go ride for sure :)
man for sure take the class and it it is free even better
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