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What did you improve on most

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ok so over the riding season this year what is one of the things you most improved on something that you worked hard at and improved big time with ?

for me i would say i am happiest with how great i am taking my corners i use to tense up when i would see a 20mph corner but not know i am taking them at 35 some times 40 i love how far my cornering has come and so look forward to spring and summer next year to get even better :)
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For me it was more speed in curves. I've gotten to where I can take 25MPH curves about 55-60 and 35MPH curves at about 70-75. You really have to be brave and push down hard. At least I do. Next thing for me is to work on getting the knee down. The new 650 should help with that as soon as I get some experience with it under my belt!

You know the other thing I learned? The crusier is much more enjoyable when you have a good "sporty" bike to play on instead of trying to sport ride on the cruiser. Now I just "cruise". :)
the more you ride the better it will feel that is for sure and if you have some really great riders that know how to ride and give you pointers that helps for sure i have a bunch of friends that have tought me a ton :)
Now, How do I interpret this????? :twisted:
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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