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What did you improve on most

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ok so over the riding season this year what is one of the things you most improved on something that you worked hard at and improved big time with ?

for me i would say i am happiest with how great i am taking my corners i use to tense up when i would see a 20mph corner but not know i am taking them at 35 some times 40 i love how far my cornering has come and so look forward to spring and summer next year to get even better :)
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Will agree with you, Mike. I don't ride with locals anymore, am tired of hearing that I didn't keep up passing on hills!
what i look forward to for next season.....

going back to illinois and gathering a few friends to follow me through the benders.....gonna leave 'em dusted:mrgreen:
They have CURVES in Illinois, benders is what they do on Sat. night in the cornfields!
My riding improved this summer, what I could manage between rebuilding the bike and crashing.
that is a bummer your locals are like that i have to say are group rides rock and it is for all skill leavels it is allways ride your own ride
I can honestly say that it took a trip to Colorado following Mayo to see what a good group ride was really like. Everyone had fun, and not a word was said about being slow. We don't ride bikes to be in a contest, we ride because we enjoy it. Thanks again, Mike.
I guess I am like the rest.....I improved on my turns!!!!!
That includes the ones from a stop :biggrin: I used to make my right turns and end up in the lane next to where I was heading :lol: I'm happy to report, I can turn sharp and stay in my own lane now!!!!
Cheri, if anyone improved on their riding this year, it would be you. You went from being a passenger to riding TWO new bikes! And you take pics while driving. You have my vote.
I live by my tag line, Cheri. Actually, I'm just too stubborn to quit. I want to some days, just ask Darrell.
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