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Hi I have a 93 kx 80 big wheel, and it still has the stock pipe ( expansion chamber ) and silencer on. What exhaust systems to you recommend? Pro Circuit, FMF, and what silencers, cause i know there is an assortment of silencers. I'm not looking for anything to expensive either.
First, you have an older '93 KX80, and the fact you don't want an "expensive" pipe, makes me wonder why you even feel the need to swap out the stock exhaust ? Are you just looking to spend money on "bling" ? People have the misconception that a pipe will uncork tons of magical hp, trust me this is NOT the case. I've driven TONS of bikes over the past 25 years, and IMO there is NO substantial difference between stock and piped. The technology of newer stock exhausts is perfect for the average weekend rider.. Kawasaki OEM exhausts have a bullitproof coating on them as well that resists rust. If you want some more snap out of your KX80, save $100 and just add a 2 teeth larger rear sprocket... (sorry to be so negitive about pipes, but IMO they are just what I call " wallet bait " ) :) I sucessfully raced 5 different KX's all with a bone stock exhaust...
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