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What fits me?

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Hi! I am new to motorcycling and was wondering what bike would be best for me. I am 6feet 3inches and about 210pounds. Would the 250 ninja be too small for me, should I go with something a little bigger(a 500ninja)? My skilles are not that good but I am going to take a riding class this summer. Thanks for your help! :D
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I'd go with the 500R, its a nice bike, but buy a used bike first, then when you drop it, you won't destroyed your paint :)
You might wanna go sit on a suzuki katana 600 and see how that feels. Depending on where your height is (legs or torso or both) you might feel the katana 600 fits you better. It is a very forgiving bike (compared to a gsxr600 or other SS bike).
I read that the Suzuki 600 Kantana used really old engine technology. Is it still a good bike.
kmcbee1414 said:
I read that the Suzuki 600 Kantana used really old engine technology. Is it still a good bike.
It uses carbs and everything. It is older technology, but it is very reliable. Almost the same technology as the 500R.
:D :D I went with the 500 R bequase I am short, not your problem. I thought the 250 would be too small even for me. I will be commuting some to San Francisco to school soon. I sat on the Katana, I liked it a lot but it was too heavy and tall. Goo luck! :D
What about the Ninja ZX-6R, is that to much bike for a beginner. I like the look of it more than the 500R or Katana 600(or any other bike).
well, if you can handle it, and be responsible, yes, you could get one. It's a lot of bike and it goes like a friggin hornet. Tops out at about 160, so be careful. I want the same bike, and I'm gonna get one. You should take the safety course and go to a motorcycle salvage yard and take pictures of bikes. Put one in your wallet. Some thing every rider should have, a reminder of what can happen. Be safe, ad I'd go with the ZX-6R.


The ZZR-600 is a really nice Kawasaki bike and it is overlooked by many people on this forum, I think because it is a street bike and not a sport bike read the reviews...the most important thig you can to is to go to a full store that has everything and see for yourself and set on EVERY bike wheter or not you don't know about it...the Vulcan800 series bikes are awesome for a cruiser. the ZZR-600 would be my bike of choice if it had EFI and not carbs. IF you plan on doing lots of cross country riding and want to perform well in the passes at nearly 12,000'ASL all the way down to sea level then I would sugest EFI...IF though yo ar ejust going to be riding it all over and not going on serious cross country rides then the Ninja 250R or th Ninja500Rare great bikes...Just don't listen to the groupeis telling you tha tyou can't run the thing in it's power band fron 8,000-1lmost 14,000RPM...the bike WILL hold up to this and it will last yo a very long time...If you set on it and it feel a little small tehntry the Ninja 500R and then the ZZR-600...barring those bikes the ZX-600R or RR will get you anywhere you want to go! If yo like the sport bike look...IF my back could handle setting upright Then I would seriously consider the 800 cruisers they are so different and so stylish...I love the style...I wonder if I could put drop bars on one...Haven't thought about it till now...
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I just got back from the Kawasaki shop and looked at all the bikes. When I saw the ZX-6R I fell in love with it. I sat on it and I think it will be perfact for me. I plan on getting one soon and take my riding class.

Well, stay on the forum and let us know...just don't forget that the Vulcan is cool and the zzr-600 is nearly the same...
Yeah, the ZX-6R is becoming very popular. I thing its gonna sell like crazy this summer. It's bikes like them that over shadow the 250. But that's kawasaki's marketing's fault.

Lets not forget that the ZZR-600 is as nice only it has 4 carbs, comes in Ruby Red and has a great fairing!
yeah, I'm glad we have a kawa dealor like 2 blocks from me house. Me and soad rie there all the time, well back when he was ungrounded :)
Does anybody know the pricing on the ZX-6R. New or used, I will most likly get a used one so if I drop it I wont be messing up a brand new bike.

Seriously for the best price...call Beartooth Kawasaki 1-800-556-3098. They are honest and straight!
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