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I'm sure it does. My point was that there are very few options even among cruisers for someone my size to be comfortable. Basically, I was trying to make the point that what fits one person may be totally different from what fits others.

I really would love to have a sport-tourer, but I just can't fit on them.

"Average" size riders have the opportunity to fit a much wider variety of bikes.

A 900 custom isn't my style, but I can ride it---albeit uncomfortably. 900 Classic or LT---I physically can't use the shifter without some serious screwing around. I would have to get a custom shifter that is longer between the heal and toe, and I would still be uncomfortable.

V2K was the only bike (at the time when i bought it) among 5 manufactures that I could immediately ride comfortably with no modifications.

I guess a good rule of thumb for you would be--If you can bench press the bike it is too small. The 900 weighs in at 620 dry.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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