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I've seen this on other forums, just not here, thought it'd be cool to see what ya'll have :) I'll go first

Boots: Alpinestar GPS3s and Sidi Vertebra 2 (coming in about a week through the mail)

Pants: Fieldsheer Sport 2 Relaxed Fit with Firsgear knee sliders (Coming in about a week)

Rain gear: Teknic Chicane 1 piece rain suit (not coming for a while, back ordered...)

Helmets: 2 HJC CS-Air Komplex (1 coming through the mail in about a week) Dark smoke and clear visors.

Fieldsheer Ti Air Jacket
Matching gloves (can't remember name right now)

Olympia Moto Sports Shogun Jacket
Firstgear gloves (Can't remember name either.)

Touring Set up -
FS Rio Saddlebags
Nelson-Riggs Tank bag
Nelson-Riggs RTB500 Tail bag system (coming in about a week)

As you can see, mine is a *******ization of whatever I could get that I liked :) What about you?

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Hmmmmm.....let's see:

Joe Rocket Meteor 5.0 Black (Cold Weather)
Joe Rocket Rio Mesh Jacket Black (Warm/Hot Weather)
ICON Timax Mesh Black (Warm/Hot Weather)

ICON Barrier Blue Jeans (Cold Weather)
ICON Recon Jeans Black (Warm/Hot Weather)
Draggin Jeans Black (All Weather)
Joe Rocket Ballistic (All Weather)

HJC AC-11 Black (with clear and dark smoke visor)
HJC AC-10 Black (with clear visor)
HJC CL14 Fuse Green (with clear and green visor)

ICON TIMAX Short Black (Warm/Hot Weather)
ICON Barrier Black (Cold Weather)
Teknic Black (Warm/Hot Weather)
Teknic Black (Warm/Hot Weather)
Ryhno Black/Green (Warm/Hot Weather)
Glove Fleece Liners for Cold Weather (Cold Weather)

Harley Davidson Work Boots (All Weather)

Additional Gear:
Nelson-Riggs Tank bag
AXIO Hardback Backpack in Carbon Fiber (All Weather)
ICON Field Armor Vest (All Weather)
ICON Military Vest for night riding (All Weather)
3 Different Balaclavas! (Cold Weather)

I hope I didn't forget anything!

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HJC CL-12 Fuse Helmet Green

Teknic Chicane Lime Green Leather Jacket

Teknic Chicane Black Leather Pants

Teknic Chicane Lime Green Leather Gloves

Teknic Lightning Black Boots

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Arai RX7 Corsair Nakano 2 Replica (new)

Alpinestars SX1 1-piece (new)

Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots

Alpinestars SP 2 Gloves

Cortech mesh jacket (for really hot commutes)

HJC Helmet of some model

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HJC CL-12 helmet
HJC Sport 2 leather jacket
Firstgear textile pants
Teknic boots
Gericke full gauntlet gloves
JR Mesh gloves
Icon ti-max mesh jacket

and it seems like I have some more stuff around here somewhere.... not really sure

KBC VR-1 Helmet
Joe Rocket 88 Leather Jacket
ICON Patrol Gloves
Cheap Wal-Mart Boots :p

not bad for only a month of riding eh

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Gaerne Shockwave boots in black.

Frank Thomas Strike two piece leathers in black/silver/white with matching gloves.

(Not me in the picture)

Shoei XR-1000 Diabolic TC-5 helmet. Just ordered a Shoei light smoke visor with matching Pinlock.


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nice looking gear dude :) I"m glad to see that I'm not the only one who mixes brands a whole lot :)

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I currently have:

Arai RX7-RR4 Edwards 7 Blue helmet (clear shield only - have glasses that change under UV)
Firstgear Kilimanjaro jacket, Grey (hot/warm weather)
Chaps (they don't make armored riding pants for people larger than size 14)
Icon mesh gloves, Blue (warm/hot weather)
Joe Rocket Lined gloves (cold weather)
Joe Rocket Orbit boots
Joe Rocket Manta tank bag, Black

On the list for this year:
Teknic Lightening Jacket, Silver/White/Blue (cool/cold weather)
Teknic Rain gear, 2 piece since my Kilimanjaro jacket is waterproof
Boot covers
Non-lined leather gloves, waterproof hopefully
Joe Rocket Velocity tail and saddlebags
Fleece lined jeans from LL Bean for cold weather riding
More silk long underwear from LL Bean for cold weather riding

On the list for way in the future:
A second hot/warm weather jacket, possibly mesh

And it's amost time to start shopping for this season! Woohoo!

Think Spring! Happy and safe riding!


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Scorpion Exo 400 Octane Lid w/clear and smoke screens- Blue
Joe Rocket Pheonix 3.0 Jacket- Blue
Joe Rocket Pheonix 2.0 Gloves- Blue
Sidi Strada Evo Air Boots- Black
Joe Rocket Heavy Duty Jeans- Black

Couple more coming soon
Fieldsheer Halo 13 Leather Suit- Blue
Teknic Violator Boots- Blue
Teknic Spine Guard Knox Stowaway
Teknic Lightning Pro Gloves- Blue

Great post by the way!

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MJ that is one AWESOME looking helmet

this is what I have so far:
Helmet - Scorpion EXO 700
Jacket - Alpinestars Leather Dyno
Boots - Icon Superduty Boots
Gloves - Tourmaster Robomax

I need some pants now..
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