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What to do after 2 yrs of sitting?

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I just got a 93 ZX-7, I got it dirt cheap, but its been sittingfor about 2 yrs. Just wandering if I could get any tips. Can you lube a bike like a car? It seems awful stiff, its a bit hard to move under my own power.

Also, I need a whole new ignition system. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks, I really like ripping this apart compared to my car, everything seems less complex,and easier to access. And one more question, what are the specs on my bike? Redline, hp/tq times stuff like that. Thanks guys.
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I'd say change your oil, spark plugs, possibly the chain too (orings are probably dried up), and of course a fresh tank of gas, might wanna run some carb cleaner through the bike too. I'd suggest ebay for the parts you need, might find a set really cheap on there.
I would dump the oil, gas, and radiator fluid, and replace them with new. Run the bike for about 600 miles and replace them again and make sure they're the right color. Miscolored fluids will point at bad gaskets inside your engine. Check brake and clutch master cylinders for corrosion. Chances are if the bike has been sitting that long the fluid is no good and the master cyliders are corroded and need to be replaced. Lube and check chain/sprockets for wear. Check/replace fuel filter, oil filter, and air filter. Get a new battery. Run the bike with the lower fairings off to check for oil/fuel leaks. While the lowers are removed take the bike for an easy 5-10 minute run and check for leaks again. This will be a good place to start, but chances are you're going to be dealing with a lot of little problems for a while. Go HERE for more info/parts.

Good luck

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Hey thanks guys, I forgot to put it in, but its a ZXR. WHats the difference? It looks pretty thick. Feels nice to sit on it and pretend :lol:
Mr. Pat said:
And one more question, what are the specs on my bike? Redline, hp/tq times stuff like that. Thanks guys.
Some basic info I found on your bike:
Only 600 of the R bike made it to north america zxr750r vs zxr750
Bore = 71
Stroke = 47.3
Compression 11.5:1
Stock tires F = 120/70/17
R = 180/55/17
Weight 452
121bhp at 11,500
11.0 sec 1/4 at 126.1
The R was a higher state of tune then the regular 7 Check to see if you have(R) 39mm flatside carbs vs 38mm Keihin CVKD ,(R) 41mm forks vs 43mm(7), Look for a remote resevoir for the rear shock (R)

Hey thanks a ton man. I had no idea it was such a rare bike. I guess its worth a little more than I paid for it :wink:

I think that spdrkt ZX7R really has the action spelled out for you...You can lube the steering head with WD-40 for now an then later using white grease. Brake clean to clean the brakes + pads, and remove the tank slosh it out with diesel several times before you set it aside and get into the carbs...new airfilter, oil, oilfilter...get her running before you worry about getting new tires. Fill out you r profile give you town and state and then search the membership list, and sort it, to find fellow forum friends that will assist you in getting the bike ON the road...once you have the plugs out put some diesel in each cylinder to clean and soak things up. changing oil can be done after you splash te diesel out by cranking the engine over and then replacing the plugs...
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