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What type of lock should I get?

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I am a real newbie, and I just got my first bike, a Kawasaki Ninja 500. I live in New York and I was wondering if anybody has any suggestion as to what type of lock I should get. I was thinking the benefit of a disc lock would be that it is small (and cheaper, and dollar for dollar harder to break). But with a corded lock I can tie it to an "immovable" object. But from people's experience, which has served them better in the long run? Thanks in advance.
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I think I am going to go with the brake lock. I park the bike in my gated driveway and there is no way somebody is going to carry that bike over the 8' gate at this point. The only worry I guess is when I am outside, especially in New York. But seeing that it is winter time, I don't think the crooks are on the prowl, since there will be so few people actually riding. I think I feel alright about just having people not roll the bike away. Maybe in the spring I'll get a chain as well with the disc lock. Thanks for the help
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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