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What type of lock should I get?

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I am a real newbie, and I just got my first bike, a Kawasaki Ninja 500. I live in New York and I was wondering if anybody has any suggestion as to what type of lock I should get. I was thinking the benefit of a disc lock would be that it is small (and cheaper, and dollar for dollar harder to break). But with a corded lock I can tie it to an "immovable" object. But from people's experience, which has served them better in the long run? Thanks in advance.
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I think a bike alarm would be a better deterent against theft. I have a Gorilla alarm and it's great for keeping thieves away and it has the added advantage of keeping people from touching my bike too. You might be suprized at how brazen some people are. I watched out of a window as a 50ish year old guy walked over to my 800b and after looking at it for a minute decided to throw a leg over it. He jumped off pretty quickly when the alarm went off. Another time some old lady backed into the bike and as soon as it fell over I heard the alarm and came running. Good thing to cause she was leaving the scene :eek: . You can pick up a Gorilla alarm for around $100.
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