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I'm a little rusty, but it looks like a 1928 Sungifer with optional windshield, crash bars, and rear-view mirror. Only 482 of these babies made, and no more than 3 known to still exist.

Do you have this bike?

Just kidding - I have NO CLUE. Maybe check with Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham AL.

Sorry 'bout dat - couldn't resist. :)

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Any information would have been helpful; a year, a location?

I copied the picture and magnified it, the name on the tank looks like it starts with an "S". After a little research, the only brand that seems to fit is Studebaker.
List of motorcycle manufacturers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Well.....I dont have any of that info honestly. It was in a stack of pictures and I have no clue who it even is......but alot of the other pictures where from the Korean war......so Im assuming that a military base but past that I got nothing. It could be anywhere really.

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I'm a little rusty, but it looks like a 1928 Sungifer with optional windshield, crash bars, and rear-view mirror. Only 482 of these babies made, and no more than 3 known to still exist.

Do you have this bike?

Just kidding - I have NO CLUE. Maybe check with Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham AL.

Sorry 'bout dat - couldn't resist. :)
Dude ! That was just so wrong:biggrin: You had me hook, line and sinker ! I thought, WOW, this guy knows his motorcycles:lol:

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Almost reminds me of an old royal enfield motorcycle in fact I'd bet it was an old Royal Enfield motorcycle. It appears to be a 1950'ish Royal Enfield, single cylinder 500cc with twin exhaust ports. Looks like it had a few mods done to it. Looks like he moved the speedometer to the center of the handlebars to make room for the windshield mounts and added some engine guards. I believe the round black thing above the headlight is the speedometer. If you look closely it has a wire that runs from it to the front hub. Of the old Enfields I've seen they were mounted on the right hand side of the handlebars. The thigh pads on the tank, fenders and engine all scream Royal Enfield. I'm gonna take a guess and say it might be a 1950 J2 500cc.

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A Special? The first custom maybe?

I sent the pic off to VMCC England and got this reply:

I am afraid we can not give a positive identification but can make a few observation- hopefully positive.

It is thought that the machine is a special made up from components from different periods. The front forks can be positively identified as Metal profiles (mp) circa 1951 and used by a number of manufactures on their lightweight machines of no more than 250 cc. The rest of the cycle parts also fall into this period. The engines is four stroke and has a number of features that suggest it could be a Rudge or Python as these engines were called when supplied to other manufactures. The engine would date from the middle 30’s and would have been the single cylinder 4 valve 250 cc. Having 4 valves it had twin exhaust pipes which can be seen in the picture.

The fact that the front number plate is blank adds weight to the feeling that the picture was not taken in England – I would guess Canada

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Do any of these come close? I even zoomed the page and tried using a magnifying glass.

Sachs Germany, takes over Hercules in 1963 then in 1965 takes over Victoria, Express and DKW. They had a 1000cc bike in 2000
Sadran Spain
Salsbury USA, Late 1940's, They had a 320cc scooter
Sarolea Belgian, 1896, They built motorcycles and sold single and V-Twin engines. They also made 2 stroke engines. They merged with Rene-Gillet around 1960
Sampson Australia, 1920's
Sanglas built 295cc to 497cc motorcycles in the 1940s and 1950s, used by the Spanish police. In 1981 the last Sanglas motorcycle was produced and Yamaha took over the company
Sanyang Tiawan, Sanyang also owns Wuxi Futong Motorcycle Company on the mainland
Sar Germany
Sar Italy, 1920 - 1926
Saxonette Germany, 1938, The Schweinfurterwerke manufactured a complete rear wheel assembly that used a Fichtel and Sachs engine and was sold as an option by at least two dozen different bicycle makers
Schickel USA, 1907 - 1924, Schickel Motor Co.
Schliha Germany, 1930's Some of their bikes had 500 to 600cc engines, which were very large for two strokes of the time
Schuttoff Germany, Bought by DKW in 1928
Scootamota England, 1919 , Sold in the U.S. as Scootamotor
Scorpa France, Started making trials bikes in 1992
Scott British, 1908 to 1950 Founded by Alfred A. Scott
SD USA, 1901 - 1911, George Dewald built a shaft drive motorcycle in 1901. In 1909 he formed the S.D. manufacturing Co. with Jacob R. Spangler. T
Sears USA, Sold it's first motorcycles in 1909 or 1910. Until around 1916 they sold Sears badged motorcycles made by Thor and Excelsior with v-twins and some with Spacke singles. I think that some Gilera built Motorcycles were sold as Sears in the 1960's
Seeley England, Built racers
Segale Italy
Sertum Italy, Founded in 1922 by Fausto Alberti, closed in 1953
SFM Poland, 1958 - 1965
Shacklock England, 1916, Transverse V-twin
Shang Wei Tiawan, Electric Scooters, also has a plant in Morocco
Shaw USA, 1912 - 1914, The Shaw Mfg. Co built clip-on bicycle engines before and after they tried complete bikes for two years
She-Lung Tiawan, Electric Scooters
Sherco Spain, 1999, Trials bikes
Shin-Meiwa Japan
Shin San Tong Taiwan, 1969 -1972, Built mini bikes under license from Yamaha and exported them as Maverick and Gemini
SHL Poland, 1938 - 1970, Suchedniowska Huta Ludwikow stopped production during the war in 1939 and started again in 1947. It took over the Sokol badge in 1948 both went out of production in 1950. The SLH badge was used again from by KZWM from 1955 to around 1970
Silk England, 1970 - 1979
Silver Pigeon Japan, 1947, made by Mitsubishi, 100cc scooter
Simo Spain
Simplex USA, Made the Servi-Cycle in Louisiana 1935 - 1960, built scooters until around 1975
Simplex England,
Simpson Germany, 1949 - 1961, AWO Simpson
Sinclair England
Singa Jincheng
Singer Hillfields England, 1909, made motorcycles and cars
Skootmobile USA
Skipee Australia, An electric prototype three wheeler designed by Dimitris Skoutas
SM Poland
Smart France, 1922 - 1927
Smith Motor Wheel USA, built by the A.O. Smith Co in Milwaukee, it was a detachable engine and drive wheel for bicycles
Snob Germany, 1921 - 1925
Sojuz Russia
Sokol Poland, 1920's see CWS & SHL
Solex France, 1945 - 1988, (Velosolex) Motorized bicycles. Now made again in Hungary
Solvay France, 1905?
Spacke USA, Spacke Machine Co. Made engines and possibly their own "Deluxe" motorcycle around 1913
Spagthorpe England,
Sparkbrook England, 1912 Had a factory in Hillfields
Sparta (Spartamet) Dutch, Bicycle maker that made mopeds and motorcycles with Villiers engines in the 1950's
Sprite England, 1960's early 1970's, Motocross bikes, used several makers engines including their own 405cc that was a copy of a late 60's Husqvarna engine. They used a twin down loop frame. Built in the midlands. Also sold in the U.S. as American Eagle
Spondon England
Standard Germany, 1922 - 1924, They made motorcycles as well as three wheeled trucks
Stanger England, 1921 - 1924, They had a 538cc two stroke, but it would over heat and was not successful
Star England, 1899 - 1913
Star-Griffon see Star
Stearns USA
Steed USA, Harley clones
Steffey USA, 1900's
Stellar USA, 1967 - 1973, Mini-bikes
Stevens England, The Stevens brothers from AJS Started Stevens Brothers Ltd. in 1932 and made Stevens motorcycles from 1934 to 1938 when the war effort stopped them. They Produced engines for many builders starting in the early 1900's
Stewart New Zealand, Scooters
Stock Germany
Stratton USA, 1901, Stratton Motor Bicycle Co.
Stricker Germany
Stylson France, 1930s
Styria Austria, Early 1900's, Made by Puch
Sundiro Hainan Sundiro Motorcycle Corporation
Sun England, 1910s The Sun Cycle & Fittings Co. Ltd
Sun England, 1950's, Scooters
Sunbeam England, John Marston Ltd made their first motorcycle in 1912, it was designed by Harry Stevens (Stevens bros). They sold bikes to the British, Russian and French armies. They were bought out by Nobel Industries in 1919. AMC England bought the motorcycle division in 1936. It was eventually sold to BSA
Superia Belgium, 1960's, Started when the Claeys brothers that started Flandria split up, used Sachs engines
Super-X USA, The American Excelsior company rebadged their exports as Super-X because the English Excelsior Co. had the rights to the Excelsior name in Europe. Super-X was also one of their model names
Suzuki started making motorcycles in 1952
Svalan Sweden, 1950's P&M (Panther) sold parts to them that were assembled in Sweden and sold as Svalan
SVM Started when SWM closed
SWM Italy 1953 - 1984
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