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The resonator is used to cancel sound wave resonance that can occur in the air intakes causing unwanted noise..
I suppose an easy way to explain this is if you have ever blown across the top of an empty beer bottle and made that nice little howling sound.

Now amplify it somewhat through both Intakes and wish you had better ear plugs in..Especially if the wind is gusting towards the front of your Bike..:shock:

They also serve to separate water from the air flow if your ridding through some nasty torrential downpour as the water enters through the Air scoop and falls into the bottom of the resonator as the air passes over.

If you check the bottoms of the resonators there should be drain holes or tubes attached to drain away any water build up..

I have removed the plugs from the bottoms of these tubes when fitted on many occasion to find them full with water...
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