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As far as I know, they are the same bike; what I mean is that there isn't a "ZX-9" and "ZX-9R"--there's just the ZX-9R. The ZX-_R denotes that the bike is from Kawi's Super Sport line and the number describes the displacement class (i.e. ZX-6R = 600cc class Supersport, 10R = litre class and 9R = 900cc class). The only time there has ever been two versions of any Super Sport was during the '03 to '06 period; that was when the ZX-6R was a 636cc bike which meant that it didn't qualify for racing in the 600cc category. To be able to race, Kawi made the ZX-6RR which was a 599cc bike in limited numbers (enough to qualify for racing...I think it was like 2.5 or 5k bikes had to be produced). There were some suspension differences between the "street" and "racing" versions in addition to the different engine size.

The 9R has something of a cult following like the 11R and 12R because they were leading SS's in their day. The engine was a solid performer; in fact, the engine is still being used a decade later in the Z1000. When the 9R was discontinued, Kawi bored out the engine from an 899 to 953cc and used it for the Z1000. For '10 they extended the stroke so that the engine is now a 1043cc engine in the Z1000! So you know that the engine is proven.

Let's see those pics!
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