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As my recent post had mentioned, I recently bought a Jackpot, so I need to sell my '07 Mean streak. The internet KBB/NADA don't even ask for mileage -- so values they spit out seem suspect for a low mileage bike. I looked at complete auctions on ebay -- but it seems like the only Mean streaks sold recently are the special edition -- which probably has a narrower group of potential buyers than a regular one.

It's got 1600 miles, Bub Jug Huggers exhaust, ISO grips, Cobra license plate/turn signals, smoked lenses, LED tail-light.

I'm thinking around $7000. Anyone think that is too high or low? I also realize this isn't the best time of year to sell one -- maybe I'd be better off just holding it until spring?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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