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nah, although I guess its kind of a good price, 160 shipped with forum discount, used. I can get a brand new one from what dommer posted for 113. But thanks anyhow, that really cool that they work with ya until you find the one that fits, they could be useful for lots of other stuff.

It was kinda funny however, when I called the guy, Tim, he said that yea he can get it or has it, and then he asked me if I know how much they are from the dealer. I said that 280 is what the dealer said, right after which he gave me the price, hehe, I pretty sure he came up with that number on the spot, so maybe when I call next time i'll say that "some" dealer has it for 113 and he'll sell it to me at 56 dollars :)

P.S. Thanks Dommer.
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