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Where did my oil go????

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Hey Girls,

So here is my dilema. I have a ninja Kawasaki 250r 2007 and i had changed the oil, but as I was filling it I noticed the oil level wasn't showing on the glass window. I thought maybe it would show when I try to restart my bike .... but now the engine won't start.

I know I filled the oil in the correct oil gauge. I just don't know where it is. I poured in approx 1quart and half. Any suggestions???
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Did you add the correct amount of oil, as stated in your owners manual? Have someone hold the bike upright when you check the glass window. If the bike is on the kickstand, and the glass window is on the right, you likely won't see any oil.

As far as the engine not starting, that should not have anything to do with low oil as far as I know. It should still crank over. What exactly do you mean by "will not start"? will it turn over but not catch, or is their nothing going on at all when you press the starter? Are the lights and gauges operational or not?

Check the engine kill switch on the kickstand bracket. Their will be a small switch and wiring harness running from it. It may have been disconnected or knocked off while you were changing the oil. It's purpose in life is to keep the bike from running while the kickstand is down. If it hase been disconnected or knocked around, it may be what is preventing you from starting the bike.
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