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Kawasaki z550gp 1982
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Im a proceoperator from the Netherlands. Iff ownd a Kawasaki before, (zzr1400 Both IT brand new on saterday and on monday IT gots its 1000km serves and thusday the spark plug broker and reckt the engine) I own a fjr1300 2014 right now and i resently got a z550gp 1982 from nu disEast uncle. The bike was standing still for 16 years and planning to start taking IT apart in de fall ( first check the frame. Iff that's good i probley want to go for a tuning (all bearings, big bore, valves, etc) 4-1 exhaust, and iff i understand it good enough i want to fit a mikuni rs 34mm to it) than reasamble and upgrade springs and brakes.

(Its a bike that's never gone leave the family after its bring rebuild )

ask anything You like 😁 ill bite 😇

best of luck, and have a Nice Day!
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