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Hello guys,
Can you make a recommendation based on what you sell as to a complete winch package for my Mule? I have heard and read so much about this particular Mule model being a real problem child when it comes to selecting the right components and then actually making them fit up.
I am looking for:
At least a 3000# rating or higher.
Mimimum bells and whistles. Don't need wireless remotes, etc.
Ease of field operation. Sounds like most winches are a tight fit.
Prefer Amsteel type synthetic rope over cable but not a deal breaker.
Ease of installation. I know my way around basic shop tools but am not a welder and do not want to encounter anything over some very minor surgery.
I would like the winch in the designated Kawasaki factory placement area but again, not a deal breaker.
If you do not stock what I am looking for, can you make an out of house recommendation on any other brands?
Thanks in advance.

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Installation is a simple bolt on, no welding or cutting required. Only if you use the Kawasaki adapter plate. Really the most difficult part of installing a winch is running and connecting the wires. Listed below are the prices requested,

Winch mount adapter - Retail $69.95 / Discounted $59.46

Switch mount bracket - $8.29 / $7.05

Warn RT3000lb winch w/ steel cable and wired remote - $549.95 / $467.46

Warn XT3000lb winch w/ synthetic rope and wireless remote - $698.95 / $594.11

Let me know if you have any further questions, or would like to order. Thanks
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