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Wind and tunes......

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Ok, the fact is that I am going to miss the radio and CD player on the wing. :cry: Has anyone out there done any add-on audio equipment? Automotive type radio/disc player? What about speakers?
Then there is the question of lower deflectors. I heard somewhere about making some larger ones. Any input on that?
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I keep myself occupied by watching out for people who aren't watching out for themselves let alone me. Also if I'm away from traffic I take in the sights and smells around me so I have never needed a radio while riding so I can't help you with this one. :lol:
I'll have to look through my stuff from last years Americade, but one of the venders had a tank bag that had 2 80w 5 1/4" speakers, a built in amp, and a headphone jack adapter for your portable CD player,walkman, MP3 player, or whatever you listen to.

It was really cool, and low profile.

Ahhh, just found the web address, Shoreline International

Sportbike Bag System

Cruiser Bag System
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All are points well taken, Vaporgas. Especially the watching out part!! :( But I'll still check that website, rlovrin :wink:

Hey X-wing,
Gp ove to gadgit page and look for the make lowers yourself. They guy has an outstanding fabrication plan and they look geat.
Thanks, drifter. I just happened to find the gadget's fixit pages the other day. What an incredible amont of info!!!


Here is another site....


Anyone know of other killer Nomad sites??
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