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What's the difference between windshields?

I'd like to get one for the 1600 Classic but don't know enough about them to make a informed decsion. Not to mention you can get all kinds of hype on the web, but without actually seing them up close and personal who knows how good they are.
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memphis shades is the way to go imo :wink:
easy off and and many styles

:) yea...ms are the way to go....easy on ..easy off....all shapes and sizes. :wink:
Hey goobers :D :wink: :wink: How bout some details about why the memphis shades are better than the stock or rifle windshields.

Don't want to be a butthead here, but I'd like to know why the MS shields are so much better before sinking the cash into one.

How do you go about sizing them & what/how big of one do you want?
can't really say one is better than the other but here is why I bought memphis shields:

The shield mounts easy and is easy to remove.
The stock kawa shield cost too much
Also the stock shield didn't provide enough protection
Liked the looks better than the rifle shield

It all boils down to go with the look and mounting system that you feel works best for you. good luck.
As far as sizing I started with the poptop but it was like the stock shield, not enough protection and it almost buffeted my head off. Then I switched to the big shot, it does a good job and at 6 foot tall I get just a minimal head buffet. I got the 7 in cut out and mounted it about 1 in above the headlight. Personally I would not go taller than this setup because it would move the top of the shield into line of sight. Hope this helps.
I've been looking at the Memphis Shades Memphis Fats 21 shield (19" high) and was wondering what the difference is between the 7" or 9" headlight cutout & what one would work best on the bike.

What does the color gradient's look like & do they have any purpose other than looking good (I'm assuming they look good??)

Are the lowers any good??

How hard are they to mount? I've got the wrench turning skills of a cheap bottle of wine :p :p

i have a 19" on my 800b with a mustang solo that sits you a tad lower than stock
the headlight cutout is for the different sized headlights in case you want to mount it all the way down(7" cutout won't fit around 9" light)-memphis has a chart on their website that gives you right part # for your bike.some peeps don't like the gradient-i have purple to match the bike along with purple lowers,its for looks.

i wouldn't buy the memphis lowers again(they suck)but they look cool tinted 8)
moxy makes the best lowers imo-because they actually work :lol:

pretty easy to mount-remove headlight bucket and bracket below it,loosen handlebars,install memphis brackets,put it all back together,stick the screen on with 4 bolts and your done

then take half a dozen rides with it and adjust it up or down and forward and back until you get the least amount of head buffetting :wink:

drink the wine when you get back :p
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I'm 6' 2" and the biggest F&S shield just didn't cut it. I got a lot of buffeting on my helmet. Last year I don't know if MS had a model for the 1600 yet, but Rifle did and they make a big one and it's perfect for me. Lossen 4 bolts and it comes right off, but I like the darn thing so much I never take it off!!

I've got the Rifle Lowers too. Pretty easy to mount - the instructions are good and it's only a few bolts anyway.
Whoops - Here's some more info that you may find helpful.

Try either Moxy or Edmonds for some larger lower deflectors. Almost all head buffeting on the Nomad (classics, mean streaks can't be much different) comes from air coming in under the windshield. Hold your hand by the front of the tank to feel this effect. The lower deflectors will help and the larger ones like Moxy and Edmonds all but eliminate it :D :D :D :D .

And the winner is???

ZX-2R said:
And the winner is???
The wife :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

She won't "allow" me to get anything for the time being as we are trying to pay off a few bills before spending more moola. I've got a living word doccument what what I want & where it sits on the priority list. Right now the shield is #1 on the list :!: :!:

About 99.9% sure we are going to get either the 19 or the 21 Menphis Fats (clear) though 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Shifting Living Word Document

I know the living shifting word document...have one for my life I think...ongoing. My 1951 Studebaker Commander was moved back when I hurt my back and had no job...so she sets in the barn, in anticipation of paint new interior and engine/transmssion. my 1972 Chevrolet P/u has over $3500 worth of engine work. about that much more in just steel wheels all new brakes, lines pads, and needs painted and new windows in her...now I'm paying off the 250R. AND KAREN is in the hospital, so there won't be any money for other bills...ARGHHH! Well...at least you have it sorted out, now it's just finding the right height and getting it before a bird strike or the like...
We don't need no STEENKING windshields man! :lol:
And yes I've had a bird strike before..and yes it HURTS. LOL!
I saw one bird strike back in 1986 that did over 15 million (yes, that's 15 MILLION) in damage :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Sure wish I had pictures :p :p

Bought the Memphis Shades clear... Put it on myself in 15 minutes. They even sent the allen wrench with package. First, and so far the best, investment for my 1600 Classic. I've cleaned off some real big messy bugs from the shield that were aiming for my face... Also I don't feel like i'm being blown off the bike at highway speeds.. $280.00 and got them in about 10 days after I ordered them.
Try Windvest

go to windvest.com theres is really easy to take off and it has a curve on the top of the windshield to create a vortex so bugs and wind fly over you kindof like the bug shields on a car
Well, I've got a Memphis Shades 21" Fats (clear) on order 8) 8) 8) 8)
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