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What's the difference between windshields?

I'd like to get one for the 1600 Classic but don't know enough about them to make a informed decsion. Not to mention you can get all kinds of hype on the web, but without actually seing them up close and personal who knows how good they are.
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I'd like to know if you can get that to work for you. I bought a medium height (17") windscreen with my 04 vn1600 and I hate it. Blows all the air right into my face. I'm going to exhange it for a taller shield. Memphis shades told me that the Memhis Fats 21" is *not* compatable with the f/s lightbar so I'd like to know if you got it to work. I'll probalbly go with the Rifle because I see that Freedom 1600 got it to work with his lightbar plus it is taller.

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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