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i have a 19" on my 800b with a mustang solo that sits you a tad lower than stock
the headlight cutout is for the different sized headlights in case you want to mount it all the way down(7" cutout won't fit around 9" light)-memphis has a chart on their website that gives you right part # for your bike.some peeps don't like the gradient-i have purple to match the bike along with purple lowers,its for looks.

i wouldn't buy the memphis lowers again(they suck)but they look cool tinted 8)
moxy makes the best lowers imo-because they actually work :lol:

pretty easy to mount-remove headlight bucket and bracket below it,loosen handlebars,install memphis brackets,put it all back together,stick the screen on with 4 bolts and your done

then take half a dozen rides with it and adjust it up or down and forward and back until you get the least amount of head buffetting :wink:

drink the wine when you get back :p
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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