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Windshield for 900 Classic

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I am looking for suggestions for a windshield for my 900 Classic. I know of Memphis Shades, Custom World and National Cycles. Would you recommend any of these or not recommend any? and why? Also, what height would you get? I am looking for one to use for cold weather riding as well as to take the desired roadtrips.

Thanks in advance.

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I have the 17" Memphis Fats (clear). I was looking for a windshield / mount combo that had a quick release and the MF and Switchblade fit the bill perfectly for me. The combo also allows for adjusting the angle of the windshield, too.

It's been great and I have no complants what-soooooooo-ever.

I think the common suggestion for selecting a windshield is while sitting, you should be able to see the road over the shield with an inch or two to spare.


I recently traded in an Ebony 900 Classic (2007) I had a National Cycle Heavy Duty Beaded in black with Memphis Shades Lowers and I got a VN2000 Badge off a F&S windshield to put over the National Cycle marking. I thought it looked great. Take a look at:

100_0719.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I really do like the looks of the Memphis Shades. I usually wear a half helmet and didn't know if having the taller windshield would be more beneficial keeping the bad stuff out.

Thanks for the replies!
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