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Not too long ago i traded a mojave a bad head and broken kickstart gears for a 1991 kx250 with a blown topend. Well when i got the bike i was in for a treat, i thought it would be a piston and rings and it would be okay, but i broke into it and it had ring gouges in the cylinder and a cracked rear rim. The good thing is that it has a full fmf pipe with a recent polish and a +3 swing arm.

I planned on having this as a winter project but since im a broke college student now, its going to be a year or so project.

Well i found some excel rims with tires im going to get but the one thing im having trouble finding is engine parts.....i can not find a new cylinder for a good price. I was told i could get the cylinder re-sleaved but i dont have the money to throw down for that right now.

Well what all do you think i should do? and if anyone has a 90-91 top end let me know and ill take it off your hands.

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