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Shortly I will be putting my bike in mothballs for a few months. But I would like to know if thier is anything else I should do. The bike is a Kawasaki 1500 VN classic
I live in Maryland where the winters are somewhat mild and last usually 3 months . The bike will be stored out of doors but under the best cover I could buy. The following will be done:
1. Adding stabil to the gasoline
2. Placing plastic over pipe ends
3. Spraying WD40 under the body on metal parts
4. Waxing metal
5. light oil on chrome parts??

1. what I need to know, should I remove spark plugs and spray some lube or such into the cylinder.
2. Do I have to remove thebattery, or should I

Anything else you can tell me would be much appreciative. Last thing I need is to have troubles with it when fair weather comes.

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Change the oil, take her for a final spin, the remove the battery(Make sure it kept fully charged). You don't really need to fog the engine if it is only sitting for 3 months.
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