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This is my first year with a motorcycle and need to find some tips on winterizing the motorcycle for next riding season. I have been trying my best to start or ride the motorcycle at least once a week. In case I can't get the motorcycle out for a short ride, what are some things to keep the Vulcan motorcycle in shape for the next riding season.

The cold weather in this area (Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky area) hasn't completely stopped me from riding after bundling up with chaps, leather jacket, etc.

Thank you.
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I don't winterize since I will ride it at least once a week. I will put a battery tender on it if it seems to be sitting for too long as in 2 weeks or more. If the ride isn't long enough the battery won't charge.

If you want to winterize it, put the battery on a tender, change the oils and top off the gas adding Stabil to the tank. Give her a bath and dry her well, wax her and try to store the bike with both tires off the gound,or if that isn't possible put boards under the tires. This keeps the moisture from hitting one spot from the concrete. If you can't connect a battery tender, bring the battery in where its warm and store it there. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the tips. This helps.
From a really good website Winterize Your Bike
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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