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Hello All Fellow Riders....
I have a 2007 Brute Force 750i. Ive had it since it was new. The summer of 2009, I had to replace the wiring harness, the CPU, and the EBS servo. These went well ,all was fine...until Sept of 09. Without warning, I went to start it...nothing! I could pull start it..but the speedo pod was flashing and the EBS servo kept tring to cycling like it was being turned off and on.Also when I appilied the brake the pod would go out. The speedo was not accuate as well. The key gets notthing. No lights no diplay. This lasted a while, then I would try the key and it would work, puzzling indeed????? I have tried the battery...a solid 12.5 volts. I tried the grounds...they are tight. I have tried finding a broken wire....HA HA HA!!!! If I can get any suggestions it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.....JIM

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This might help:

The Dreaded Shorting/Intermittent Electrical Problem!

Here is the most basic method I know(Taken from KZrider.com - Home by member Patton)

1. Charge your battery and have it load tested if you can. The floating ball hydrometer can be used to check the specific gravity of the charged cells in the battery.

2. Disconnect the Black lead from the (-) Battery terminal... or Red from the (+) Battery terminal, it does not matter which one.

3. Connect one of the following test setups in series with the Battery terminal and lead:
3.1 A 12 V light bulb,
3.2 A 12 V test light,
3.3 A 12 V test buzzer or,
3.4 A 12 V horn... you get the idea.

4. With the Ignition Switch OFF, go through your harness and wiggle the wires while looking/listening for the test setup to go on/start buzzing.

5.With the Ignition Switch ON, repeat the test except this time the looking/listening for the test setup to go on/stop buzzing.

6. Be prepared to open the Ignition switch and check/test for solder joint failure and or circuit board micro breaks (don't ask how I know this ).

7. Be prepared to pull the wires out of the Head Light to test for failures at or near the grommet.

8. Be prepared to open the harness at or near the Steering Neck for failures. This is where wires tend to exhibit fatigue due to repetitive movement.

9. Be prepared to open the left and right switch gear to search for rust and or broken parts. CAUTION: watch out for flying springs, ball bearings and stuff. Do indoors on White sheet (again don't ask ).

10. Be prepared to follow the heavy gauge wire from the Starter Solenoid (Relay) to the starter for bare ware wire exposure. Especially near bends and grommets.

11. If you can reproduce the fault symptom your are pretty much home free. Be prepare to find and repair/replace any internal wire breaks, insulation break downs, exposed wires, rubber grommet failures, etc. Often, shrink tubing will solve the problem temporarily until something better can be done.

12. I use a very good electrical contact cleaner/preservative called De-oxit made by Caig Labs in San Diego Ca. Their website is caig.com - Home of DeoxIT - CAIG Laboratories, Inc. It can be purchased at Radio Shack and any other electronic supply store. I use it on all of my motorcycle’s electrical connectors , in my home entertainment center’s stereo patch cords and cordless phones charging cradles.
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