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Now that i've figured out the down sizing for the attachment's ,here's some pics.
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Thanks Trike. It's from a camp spot about 30mis. south of Bozeman in the gallatin canyon, heading towards Big sky MT.
whistle clean said:
Nice bike woodchucks800.....but where are you? ;)
Spok got you on that one Whistle. lol The only pics I've got are of the bike so far. I'm usually by myself when I take the time to stop an take pics.
Kenny said:
Woodchucks,thats a good looking bike ya got there! Don't it look just like a Harley?
No Kenny the softail standard looks like the A lol
Freakinout said:
cool shots woodchucks800, hope its not too cold up there for ya.
It's actually warmed up an the snow is melting suppose to be mid fifties tomorrow. still to much slush an sand to even think about trying to sneak in a ride . Maybe this weekend if things dry out.
bikeaholic said:
the skinny wheel looks good :razz: nice looking scoot :wink:
Thanks Biko, Still haven't decided which wheel to relace for my mod this winter , the 21" or go with a 19". Either way gonna cost about $300 to $500. Gotta a line on a used center hub to send out an get chromed an then relaced with either wheel. If I remember ,you did say you liked the 19" better than the 21" on your sporty didn't you?
spok said:
he was behind the shutter taking the picture..sorry, couldn't resist.

I still like the shot of woodchucks 800 out on the plains with the high mountains set off in the distance
I like that one to but I messed it up this morning trying to down size, but it was taken about 5 miles from home so I can get another in Aug.
Mangler said:
Sharp looking bike partner,is that a mustang seat??
Thanks Mangler, No it's the corbin gunfighter an lady with the corbin backrest. here's a better pic of the seat an backrest.
[/quote]I still like the shot of woodchucks 800 out on the plains with the high mountains set off in the distance[/QUOTE]
Spok I didn't mess it up . I think this is the one your talking about?
JoeNomad1 said:
You got to get that Chip Foose guy from Overhaulin' to build you a custom set. He can CNC some mean wheels. You got some nice riding country, shouldn't keep it all to yourself! ;-)
Hey Joe I've always been partial to spoke's on a cruiser especially a 21" wheel. As far as the riding what you see is all part of the national forest,you own as much of it as me.
Chromequeen said:
Oh Whistle, he really did get ya on that one! lol
Woodchuck, I'm envious, so envious! No, I'm happy for ya, but would give my sister-in-laws eye teeth for a bike like that! :)
Thank's for the complement chromy. Do you think you sister in-law would approve of you trading off her body parts for motorcycles ? <BG>
1 - 11 of 28 Posts
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