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Definitely my favorite warmers, the Woodcraft Dual Temps are back from a long vacation in Backorderville. Their features set them apart from the rest, and they've been my go-to warmer for a long time.

Side Curtains: Much of the heat loss when warming tires comes when wind cools the edge of the tire and also the rim. These fleece curtains help get heat into the entire rim/tire. When you roll out on the track your entire setup is at your desired temp.

Safety Disconnect: Personally I think this is the best feature of the warmer. Who wants to burn up a set of $400 warmers? Who wants to have to crawl hands knees or bend over in a suit to turn on your warmers? Do you trust your switch on your power strip to be off? Do you trust the people in the pit to not accidentally turn your warmers on instead of theirs? This disconnect provides the power for your warmers when putting them on the bike and also GUARANTEES they're shut off during your session. I can't stress enough how much convenience this adds.

LED Indicator Light: If the light is on, your warmers are running. No more putting your hand on the warmer to make sure things are cooking. Red means they're on the way, and Green means they're at full temp. Again, super convenient.

East to install/remove: A main velcro strap is all you need to start wrapping your tires and the installation is finished by a large velcro flap. Nothing fancy, and it works every time. To remove, just grab the flap, pull an armful of tire warmer (CONGRATS, YOU JUST 100% TURNED OFF YOUR WARMER WITHOUT KNOWING IT) and undo the initial velcro strap.

Price on these badass warmers is $379.95 but call me DIRECT at Ext. 210 for your shipped in the US price of $341.95!

I'm not just a salesperson, I'm a customer too! I love my dual temps.

My two favorite parts shown here, the curtain that helps keep heat in the tire AND rim as well as the safety disconnect cord.

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