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I finally made it past the first 500 miles of my break-in. I can now take it up to 6k rpm, and holy sheet, it's like a whole different bike. I can at last hit highway speeds (75) and the acceleration is quite nice between 4-6k.

I also bought a Cortech mini tank bag tonight, so all around it's been an excellent evening.

I just can't believe what a difference those 2000 rpms can make. The bike has just become 100 times more fun. I can't imagine actually accelerating in the bike's powerband.

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Cool Giska!!
I thought about you today when my wife took off this morning. She's riding her 6R from San Diego to San Jose today:

I figured you were probably getting close to this point. And the best part: if you thought 6,000-rpm was fun, you still have more than half of your tachometer left! And I'll bet your clutch hand will feel a little more relief now that you don't have to watch your tach like a hawk and shift so fast and often.

I'll never forget when my wife got past the point where she could rev it past 6,000 rpm...ZZZEEEEOOOOMMMM! Right past me like I was standing still on my ZX9R. I was loping along at 75mph, mindful of her rpm-ceiling, and she tore past me at 120+ honking her horn like a maniac.

Keep us updated! I know you'll have a good weekend!
-Calamari Chris in C'bad
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