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For those of you that have long hair and do not want it to get tangled this Rocks I love mine wanted to pass the info along :)

Wrapter my review


I got the Wrapter and i like the material and have learned that if your hair is thiner it is a good idea to do the following

-Thinner hair should require 3 elastic ponytail bands even 4 in some cases like childrens hair. The thicker the better. And secured tightly, very tightly. an extra elastic band is suggested to put on over the Wrapter and can be hidden just under the excess rolled material.

(i really like the idea of putting a band around the top and hiding it under roll after losing my 30 dollor pony tail on my helmet i thing this is a great idea )

-The Wrapter shouldn't be unrolled completely while on. There should always be some excess rolled material up and over the elastic bands, if completely unrolled, there is a chance of it slipping off.

-When u wear a helmet, make sure the helmet isn't resting on top of the Wrapter where it may push or roll it down off of the elastic bands.

Great customer service and fast shipping pleasure to do business with

i think this is going to help huge in helping not to have the wind damage and tangle my hair when i ride a big on this product.
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