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WTB ASAP: 00 zx6r frame with clean title

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i bought my bike off my friend who had it for a long time and he had lost the title and had moved back to central america.. he never got to give me a bill of sale or any papers sayin that i bought it from him because he left so soon. the only way i can get my bike on the road is if some one has a clean title frame that will fit an 00 zx6r! THANKS!
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You might check with your DMV (look through their website) about a lien sale on the bike. In California at least, if a vehicle is abandoned on your property, you can charge storage fees, and then put a lien on the bike for the storage fees. Send a registered letter to the last owners last known address, and if you have the letter returned, or receive no reply, the bike becomes yours. More time consuming, but lots cheaper than a new frame.

Actually, considering what it'd take to transfer everything to a new frame, not any more time consuming. ;)
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