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YANM (Yet Another New Member)

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I've always wanted a motorcycle and when I saw the Kawasaki Ninja at its debut in 1984, I knew it was the one I wanted. However, circumstances made it impossible for me to own one at the time. Fast forward with me 20 years now to the last weekend in March 2004 when the time was right and I took the MSF course. Less than a week later, I found and purchased a used 2004 Ninja 500R. (The original owner put 715 miles on it before having to sell for personal reasons. I was happy to help him out!) It's a dream come true! I've put just over 4k miles on the bike since April, making several day trips to nearby cities like Nashville, TN and Birmingham, AL. I purchased a full set of Nelson-Rigg soft touring luggage for the bike and look forward to a weekend trip sometime this Fall. Otherwise, I ride (to work, etc.) every day when there's no threat of rain.

It's also really cool to have found this forum where there seem to be quite a few other 500R riders and *gasp* girls riding sport bikes, too! :) I've been a member of the BMW Car Club of America for over 4 years and only three times have I ever come across girls driving. So, you go, girls!
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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