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Yet another happy Mustang seat post

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I thought the bike was too small for me. I thought I was some kind of blouse wearin', poodle walkin', long ride girly-man. Nope! I just needed to get rid of that pathetic stock seat.

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Mustang Seat

Like X-Wing, I have a Volusia with a Mustang Touring Seat. The stock seat felt comfortable in the showroom, but was a real tailbone burner after an hour of riding. The Mustang seat is good for a lot longer. Exactly how long I don't know because after riding for 2-3 hours I like to get off and walk around to stretch my legs (three previous knee surgeries). But after 3 hours, the seat is still comfortable and allows me to shift position to remain comfortable. In other words, my knees give out long before I even begin to get tired of the Mustang seat.

When I get my 1600 classic next year, the first mod I will make will be to replace the stock seat with a Mustang Two PieceTouring seat.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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