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Hi Members

Thought this deserved a new topic!
This post came from 04 Nomad FI-7500 Mile Service

From Strictly VN 1600
I made this service in advance myself. This is the only way I can be sure everything was made properly. What was surprising, the rear end gear hubs were really dry. I had to put grease on every one of them. Makes me wonder what this could've done to the teeths after say 40 000 miles.
It’s never good hearing that your new bike may not have been serviced properly prior to delivery or for regular maintenance. I do some of my own wrenching, as a lot of us will. The reasons we do it may vary in order, however, for most of us it's for the personal satisfaction in being able to do it. Secondary is just to give our bikes that personalized TLC we all believe it deserves. Lastly to save some money. Let's face it we all work hard for that cash.

When purchasing my bike I tried to do business in WHITE PLAINS,NY and
LODI, NJ. I informed the sales reps that I was well informed on the Kawasaki Nomad.(I had purchased Invoice info from CycleBuy.com). In both of those locations the Sales Reps, Management, and Owners offered the bike at a price then proceeded to add into the cost of the bike inflated freight charges & Dealer Prep. Why do that? Do they think we are stupid when we come to purchase a bike? Haven't they figured out there is plenty of money to be made honestly? I left both locations quite dissatisfied.

I was even able to get a better deal out of Ohio all done over the internet. Being a pilot I could have had one of my flight buddies drop me off and do a nice cross county back to Bronx,NY. Since I wasn't going to be doing all the wrenching my self I felt I still needed a dealership that was close to me.

Fortunately for me I have in my opinion purchased my 04 Nomad FI from an excellent Kawasaki Dealership. New Milford Cycles of New Milford, CT.. It only took 15 min. to close the deal over the phone with the owner. When I met the owner to sign the sales contract he personally brought me around the dealership and introduced me to his employees. Service Mgr, Parts Counter Staff, and Mechanics. His operation was down to earth and his staff installed the confidence that what was meant to be done on your bike will be done and properly. So far the service has been excellent. Until something really drastic happens to remove that trust I shall be loyal to that dealership.

I hope others have dealers like that. I'm sure they do.

Good Riding.
Any Comments or opinions always appreciated.

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