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Hello All,
My first bike was a 1970 Kaw 500 Triple; a 1973 Z1 900 and moved up to the 1980 Z1300. I have (3) and (4) spare engines. I always have had Kawasakis. One is totally original - like a museum piece - had it since new. I wanted to radicalize (modernize) one of the others.

One downside of the Z1300 is the monstrous diffential in the back with the shaft that limits the wheel rim width and tire size.

The KZ 1000 had a shaft drive model. Can anybody describe the difference between the 1000 chain and shaft drive transmissions and maybe even the compatibility of the pieces with the 1300? For me to get the answer myself, I would have to buy and disassemble a 1000 shaft drive model and a chain drive model and put it on a bench and compare it to the 1300. I dont know if I't that committed at the moment.

Any comments/photos would be appreciated ... except for those comments that simply recommend I buy a chain drive bike.

ALSO, does anybody know how Don Vesco hooked up (2) KZ1300 engines in his streamliner. I have the Don Vesco history book but it had no detail. Did he strip out one of the transmissions and convert to chain drives with an idler shaft? I assume he would have ditched that internal differential gear.
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