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Doug Domokos, The Wheelie King.

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Great pics! makes me drool!
Great Googly Moogly! :shock:

Those are cool as hell. :D
ive never seen that second bike, dang thats sweet. any info on it? that tire is huge!
Never seen it myself. Just stumbled across the pics on the norwegian Z1300 owners club site. It looks mean :)
I saw a mock up of a v-12 a couple years ago, it sounded like an f-1 car, the guy that built the v-12 also did some v6 two strokes with the 500/750 engine, as well as a v-8.
The V8 was a Z1. The multiple triple 2 strokes are mostly made of S1/KH250 engines. There's been made a few 1000cc H2's (4 in line), 5 in line, 7 in line a W9 and a 48 cylinder "triple".

Z1 V8
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Here's a seven. Took the pic at the Northern Rally this summer. (The british Kawasaki triples rally) The bike is built by Simon Whitelock.

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Allen Millyard is a guy who built a bunch of 5s.

That's correct. He also did the V12 1300 and the V8 Z1. Crazy brit :)
Really? A V6 750 Smoker?? A V12 1300 and 2300??? :shock:

That thing be able to bend the rear swingarm if you accidently twisted the throttle too hard. :eek:
What a coinkydink....I picked up a mag today called Classic Motorcycle Mechanics because the cover grapped my attention immediatly. I'm not sure what grabbed my attention first - the pretty lass atop a FOUR CYL 1000 cc H2, or the 4 CYL 1000 cc H2 with a pretty lass atop of it !!!

Anyway's, there is an article inside about the bike, and it is absolutely beautiful. The engine, it turns out is one of Allen Millyard's creations. Nice magazine geared towards the older bikes as the name suggests. Resto tips and builds etc. Good info, and there was a reference to Jeff from Z1 in there...go figure.
Z 1300 Repair or Service manual

hi guys
i am in iran and have a kawasaki z1300,i want this motor service manual, but i cant buy this in my contry, if who have this service manual pls send it to me, my email adres is here : [email protected]
plz help me
The V-8 and the 5 cylinder H-1 are on display in Barbers .
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