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Z400 USB charger for phone

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Hi there, I'm looking for advice on the best way to install a USB charger on my Z400? I've tried searching but couldn't find anything relevant. I can find posts and YT videos how to do it on the Ninja400 but not the Z400. Even though they're similar, the location that they install the USB charger on the Ninja doesn't seem available on the Z400. I'm wondering if anyone has managed to do this? If so, do you have a part reference?
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I guess it depends on what you need a USB charger for. The purpose often dictates the parts.
Fair point. I want to be able to charge my phone on long rides. I have a Quadlock mount and they have a kit that would allow you to charge the phone on it wirelessly, but of course it needs a USB power source.
Wireless takes forever. You would be better mounting a DC to DC converter to keep the current flow under control, then mounting a conventional USB to that. I have a battery pack that is the size of my phone, but 4 times quicker. It has wireless built into it, but also has USB-C and two conventional USB ports. It will hold a week's worth of charge in it, at least a week's worth. No need to wire anything, just put it in your pocket or tank bag. You could plug the phone into it if you had your GPS on.

Mine is made by ATOMI, it has 10,000 MaH in it, and does not discharge while not in use. I purchased mine years ago, and 10K MaH was a lot. They are up to 28K MaH now and under $30 bucks.

I'm a "multi-purpose-er" and I tend not to carry extra stuff like a battery charger. "Long rides" might mean something different to you than to me ;). For me a long one day ride is above about 350 miles, anything less I consider a ride around the block.

I use a Batter Tender brand cable wired diectly to the battery and neatly run along the throttle cables to provide a 12V DC power point at the handlebars for (primarily) my phone. Normally the USB adapter is plugged into it with a short charging cord to my phone that's mounted on top of my front brake hydraulic fluid reservoir. If anything happens to my gps mount I can usb power the gps too.

I up-sized the cable in-line fuse so I can unplug the USB and plug in my small air compressor. I've had to use it twice for me and several times for riding companions. I understand the risk so please, no lectures.

I also have the Battery Tender brand voltage meter that can plug in, too. Plus of course the Battery Tender brand lead acid/lithium battery charger for my bike since I use a lithium battery now, lead acid before.

I use my older lead acid battery tender and the accessory alligator clips for lawn mowers, etc. during the winter.

Note that I am in no way associated with the Battery Tender company. I just find their stuff to be reliable and useful for my needs and they have in one place everything I want. Plus their stuff is stocked at local bike shops pretty much everywhere.
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28,000 MaH in a battery the size of you phone, just 3 times thicker, is the lightest and safest way to mount your power for you phone. Wiring a phone, which is kind of a sensitive piece of electronics, when being charged, directly, takes a chance. That's why I recommend a DC to DC converter, it keeps the DC clean.

So dutchie if you mounted the 28,000MaH battery for your phone, with a short or long USB-C to USB-C cable, you would get around a week's worth of power for your phone. If you're refueling in some new kind of mobile refueling set up, then I could understand why you might want to tax the charging system a tiny bit, but with the same system, you could charge the battery, and when you have stopped, for whatever reason, continue using your phone for many other things, even run a Pico Projector, if you're camping.

I'm not sure why you just don't install a 12Volt cigarette lighter and plug the USB adapter into that. There are a gazillion that mount to the handlebars. :)

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Thanks all. Simply having a USB power point at the handle bars like the Battery Tender would do just fine @rbentnail.

Is this do-able without having to remove the bodywork and could I potentially do this myself? I'm not used to tinker on bikes and when I asked a local shop, they said it'll take them a few hours to install something like this. Seems a bit much...
How long it takes and how difficult the job depends on:

Where is your battery and how difficult is it to access? Even without doing this mod, IMHO everyone should know and be able to do this.

Step back and assess- what needs to be removed to get from the battery to the handlebars? Can the wires be fed in along, say, the throttle cables (like I did)?

Check youtube, guidance for nearly everything can be found there. Then decide if it's something you want to do yourself.
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