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ZL600B Worth Saving??????

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Looking for some general input/advice.
I have a 97 Eliminator ZL600. Ive brought it to a couple of MC shops and they are saying ~$4,000 to fix it.
It does start (at least I think it will when I fix the starter won't stop problem). It was started and ran at VERY high RPM until I shut it off.
Is it worth fixing? I can do most of the work myself if I could diagnose the problems.
Also, can't find a service manual, at least one that is legible! The ones on CD are mostly just pics of pages with terrible lighting.
Appreciate any advice.
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Most shops won't even work on older bikes because it gets so expensive.

I would fix the starter problem yourself, and go from there. As I recall you were going to test or replace the solenoid. That's pretty cheap and simple. Also keep searching for a manual. There has to be one out there somewhere.
I think you are 100% correct. On top of that, younger mechanics have no clue about how older machines worked and they won't have any of the special tools needed. It all adds up to huge repair bills, so like I said, most shops just refuse the work.

For the $4000 quote you did get, you would be far better off to sell yours as a parts bike and use that money plus the $4000 you are not spending on repairs and just go and buy a bike the runs good.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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