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ZL600B Worth Saving??????

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Looking for some general input/advice.
I have a 97 Eliminator ZL600. Ive brought it to a couple of MC shops and they are saying ~$4,000 to fix it.
It does start (at least I think it will when I fix the starter won't stop problem). It was started and ran at VERY high RPM until I shut it off.
Is it worth fixing? I can do most of the work myself if I could diagnose the problems.
Also, can't find a service manual, at least one that is legible! The ones on CD are mostly just pics of pages with terrible lighting.
Appreciate any advice.
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The second shop just didnt want to work on it. He said there were just too many bad experiences where even when he said the cost would be very high, the customers just got very angry and he lost customers. Cant say I blame him.
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