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Not as well as the stock oil cooler and pan.

If you were flip your motor upside down and remove the pan, you would see that the main oil passage flows through the case, drops down and travels a short distance through a oil gallery in the pan, then back up into the case.
The models with oil coolers use a special pan that takes that oil passage out to the cooler then back in to the main oil gallery. So using the special pan used on 750's with oil coolers is a good idea. Same pan and cooler works on 650's also, so you have to bid against the 650 owners when you find one on eBay.


You really don't want to screw around with a bypass type cooler like the 900/1000/1100 guys do. That's the ones that siphon oil off, run it through the cooler, then dump it back in the pan. The 900/1000/1100 motors have roller bearings and can afford the loss in pressure, the 650/750 motors have plain bearings and no pressure to spare.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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