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I own a 1995 ZX-6E with 103,000 miles. I believe it's time for a carb rebuild. Basically, the engine seems to be flooding during cold starting (I can smell gas sometimes, and the smallest amount of choke will prevent the bike from starting at all; also, I used to get approx. 200 miles per tank during highway travel. Now I'm only getting 150 miles). There's a catch, though. When cold-starting the bike on it's side-stand, the engine doesn't seem to flood. It's only when starting the bike when it's upright (e.g., on its centerstand) that it seems to flood. In any case, when the bike is warmed up, it seems to run fine, except for the low mileage.

Well, my question is, given these symptoms, which replacement carb parts should I buy? I know that sounds like a ridiculous question, because I'm sure most of you out there will say that you'd have to crack open the carbs before you could tell me. The thing is, the bike is my only transportation, so I can't spend weeks waiting for the parts to arrive while the bike sits idle. I have to take a reasonable guess as to what I'll need before working on the bike, so I can attempt the repair in a day or two.

Given my bike's symptoms, will I most likely be OK with just getting a simple repair kit? If you were me, would you also order new main jets and new floats? (new floats are expensive though-$100 for 4; and are floats normally something that ever go bad?) Are there any other parts you would order beforehand?

Viele dank to anyone who responds.

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