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Try to chat with the mechanic at the shop and tell him your situation,,,it's your only transportation...you may have to take it in on a saturday to get the job done, or you may be able to get around the system and have the mechanic come over like after work Saturday, for a steak dinner or out to his favorite resturaunt once the carbs are rebuilt. MAYBE you can find several people in your area that are carb guru's and can fix you up right on the spot at their house. Look in the Profile section and see who is close by and ask them. Bottom line though is that you are killing the dealership of a source of income that keeps them open for all of us...IF you can afford to get it done at the dealership then do that as your point of action...that way you won't feel guilty when the dealerships get smaller and we no longer have any to go to...with the cost of gas/petrol going up///you should get it done soon!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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