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My 1997 ZX 900R was working fine. I parked it for the night. Then tried to start it the next morning and nothing. No noise nothing. Everything else works except for the horn too. When you first turn the key to the on position the instrament panel lights up. As soon as I hit the start button the headlight comes on but nothing else no noise at all.
I've checked the Batter Duh! That is new and reads fine. I've checked the engine kill switch and starter button and those are fine. I also checked the sidestand kill switch and it is in working order. When you bump start it, it fires right up and runs normal until you turn it off then you get nothing. I am fairly intellegent when it comes to bikes but I have never seen or heard of this typ of problem. Oh and the fuses are good too. The whole headlight coming on only after you attemt to start completly baffles me too. I don't think it is a wiring problem either. If someone out there knows anything else please let me know before I go and spend top dollar for something rediculus. Thanks.
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just so you know jump starting and push starting a bike are two different things, which did you do?
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