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ZX6 "D" - Front disks need replacing - whats a fai

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I got a 1990 ZX6 American import ( I am in the UK ). Its just failed its MOT because the front disks.

The left is over worn, and both are warped.

I have been quoted by the shop that failed it, at £120 each... This sounds fairly ok considering, but is there anywhere in the UK I can get them cheaper?
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There should be lots of places on the net that you could get them, but I'm not sure of local UK places.

Yes, I have found a number of them, but most are US based. Those that will do to the UK want a fair whack for delivery, but to be fair... I have had very little replies, so that may change.

I have found a fair number of suppliers in the UK now, but again, its wiating for them to get back.

I have found one supplier, that does disks that apparently these disks go from £45 ( UK Pounds ) all the way up to £600 for the bloody things! EACH!!!!

But, even though I went through their search, and according to the info I got from the site, they ARE for my bike... This did seem to me to be too good to be true, and anyway, its quite probably not worth risking my life to cheap disks... I dont know though??? I will need to get a reply before I take them too seriously.

Oh, I like your bike mate...

Nice and clean, and a great colour too!

My GoldWing was very close, and my car is that exact colour ( Well, given the shade its showing up on my monitor anyway )

And its close to the colour I am hoping to do my Suzuki in.

Annoyingly, I was under the impression that the ZX6 ( ZZR ) was going to fly through the MOT, and as the Suzuki needs a clutch and head gaskets, I have that stripped down now.
It would have been a lot cheaper to sort the Suzi out first and take my time with the kwak!

Just shows doesnt it? - the suzi may be rusty, but while its stripped, I can see that it was all surface, and the frame is near-perfect.

I hate it when thigns like this happen.

Ok cheers mate. I am babbling now.
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i had no end of front brake probs on my zzr600, it all started with a set of stealth discs from trade direct, where you get the outer rotors and have a set of bobbins and circlips which you fit your inside rotors to. the circlips brake in use, the inner rotor wears and then has to be replaced, the discs go rusty ovenight which then leaves rusty watermarks over your wheel and they rattle on the move which is a pain on motorways.

i then got a set of discs off a friend who said they were fine, turned out they were warped, kawasaki calipers and uk winters lead to calipers seizing, warping the discs, and right upto 2 weeks before i crashed it i was totally peeved off with the whole situation.

i got a second hand pair of discs of ebay for £70 delivered off a zx6r low mileage, and when i took it for the mot was amazed at how quiet it made the bike.

the guy at the mot station who also sold me the bike 3 years before said that shortly after my bike had had stealth discs fitted, they stopped selling them because of the amount of problems customers were having with them. they now only stock ebc replacement discs whicjh are a direct bolt on replacement for the kawasaki ones, but like you said, are £160 each.

one of my biggest regrets with my accident was the damage i did to both my new discs and stainless exhaust system, but things are meant to be.

good luck hunting, keep watching ebay, searches for brake discs are very good.
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is it me or would you too rather have all your teeth exracted than have to go through the mot rigmorale every year for every bike????

bye :?
No, I would rather go through the rigmarole...

I had my teeth taken out because of the car!!!!

My nasal hairs went with the Suzuki

And the kwak is working on my 4R53-Crack hairs right at this very minute!


Update on those £45 disks I thought I was on to!

Well, its wrong!

There was a problem with the Site where no matter what bike I asked about, it would come up with the cheapest for that make! not for the model.

The ones I was after are £139


Ok, no better off there either!

I think I should just accept the cheapest quote I was given, was £120 each, and £230 for the pair, so I will have to be happy with that!

Not sure how to get em on/off so most likely ist a shop job... More money I dont have... At least they will do a proper job and guarantee it anyway, so if its cheap enough to do the job, it wont make much diff when we are talkign this kind of money I suppose!
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replacing the discs is just a case of dropping the calipers off (undo the 12mm bolts on each side, drop the front wheel out with the bike on centrestand of better, front paddock stand, and undo the 5x6mm allen head bolts that hold the disc to the wheel.

careful when you put the front wheel back in that the speedo drive is properly located or it will chew up the drive ring inside the wheel.

should take no more than 30 mins for the whole job....
Yes, I have seen a pair of disks, and they come complete!

I was under the impression, that disks came as just the disks, and that they had to be seperated from the hub via the ... Erm? ... Well Rivet things?

But I see that they do come with the center bit so yes, all it would be, is to unscrew and re-screw, so thats no longer a problem.

Couple of snags I do have though, is that I also need new pads, new Bearings, and the wiring around the forks/steering area needs to be reworked heavily ( no it bloody does not ) to pass the MOT too!

While this is all academic ( Is that an acceptable word? ) its still more work.

The problem I have here, is that I have no true use of my left hand, and right knee, so doing the job myself is going to be VERY hard.

Hey, dont get me wrong here... If I can do the job then by god I will have a bloody good go, but if we are just talking a couple of quid, then why not get the dealers to do it for me???

I have had another quote today...

For both disks fitted, plus new pads and bearings, and re-wire the whole lot, plus get it through its MOT, I have been quoted £290!

I dont think this is too bad, its not that much dearer than if I did do it all myself!

Best prices I have found so far is:-

Disks £230
Pads £26
Bearings £9

And then dont forget, they will also MOT it, and rewire it, so I think thats this price is ok... For now.

Problem is though, that the Suzuki only needs gaskets and a clutch and thats got 9 or so months left on its MOT, so that will be a fair bit cheaper to sort out.

The main snag is that I was under the impression that the Kwak would fly its MOT so the Suzi is in about 500 bits right now!

Stuck between a rock & hard place as to which to sort first.
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hi again,

if i could have got someone to do all that for me at that price, i would have jumped at it, like you said, thats a excellent price especially when you know that its going to get mot'd as well.

as i said earlier, i hate mot time and to pay to get someone to do it all for me with next to no charge for labour is cool, i'd leave the suziki in bits and get the kwak done, ride it for summer and rebuild the suzuki in winter ready for next year. but thats just me, whatever you choose, good luck :lol:
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