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I picked up a 1990 Ninja 600r aka ZX600c3 yesterday. It is missing a few parts. First, I am looking for the plastic trim piece that goes below the headlight between the left and right side fairings. I am wondering if anyone has one laying around or if anyone knows the best place to source one out. I have checked ebay as well as a few web sites with OEM parts finders, but can't seem to find it in the diagrams.

Also, I am in need of the assembly that attaches the key/button the the latch for the seat release. The previous owner broke it and gave me a nice discount on the bike.

Let me know if you want any more pictures, as I enjoy taking them since it is winter and I rarely get to ride. Also, let me know if anyone is from the Milwaukee area as I am looking for people to ride with.

The bike is bone stock, in great condition, and I am the third owner. It has never been dropped! I was excited when I was able to confirm that. :D

Picture of the part I am looking for is attached.


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