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zx6r starting problems.

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Hello all could somebody please help me i have 98 zx6r and it will not start for me. I tried yesterday morning for about 5 mins and no joy so i came home at lunch and it started straight away. I then decided to turn it off to make sure i wouldn't get caught and it was just as well as it would not start again for me then. I went back to work and tried it again after work and it started so i took it for a good run. I woke up this morning and once again it did not start for me. I thought it might be temperature related but i let it warm up yesterday at lunch and i couldn't start it straight after so that rules that one out. Can anyone help me pls.

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Possibly a bad starter switch, a frayed wire somewhere? Maybe check your wiring and make sure it's OK? When it does start, does it start easily, or does it seem like there is still a problem?

Change your plugs THEN get back to us...
it seems as though it may be fuel related. The starter turns over fine just no fire. It seems that if i leave it for about 4 hours it starts fine but after 12hrs it will not start.
i would think about the plugs but i only just replaced them about 3 months ago with very expensive iridium plugs. Also if it was the plugs why would it run sometimes and not others?

Just last week we ran into the same situation on the FORUM iththe same expensive plugs...if the stock plugs do not fix the problem then switch over to REServe on your fuel and see what happens...this has been a recens problem as well
i dunno about bikes, but on my sisters 86 honda accord, she had trouble starting it and it turned out to be 2 distributer wires were not connected all the way. and i cleaned the spark plugs. i wouldnt worry about spark plugs, all types create a spark, worry about wires. or maybe gas lines?
i would agree somewhat about cables if it was just an over night problem.; Thinking maybe condensation could be causing a short. but starting over lunch and then not restarting. I would say its electrical and maybe just coincidence. Maybe check your clutch switch and neutral switch. also your ignition switch. Ive seen a bike crank but not start because of the ignition switch. Try cranking it and jiggling the key. Also if it cranks but doesnt start, if you have time pull a plug and see what it looks like. that would also help. any recent problems arise about the same time? or any changes to the bike made?
I have a 2001 zx6r that is doing the EXACT same thing. Any suggestions?
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