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zx7 Ignitor

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zx7 Igniter

I can't get my ZX7 to start, haven't been able to get it to start since mid summer of 2007.
I stuck a few wires and a switch on the solenoid to just override whatever the problem was, and start the bike. Worked pretty well, except taking the seat off every time I want to start the bike got kind of annoying.

Well I've recently started to work on getting it fixed now actually (along with fixing cracks and scuffs, and repainting), and I thought back in the summer it might be the junction box.

Main problem..
I put in the key, turn it to to the "ON" position, hit the start button and it clicks. Starter doesn't turn or anything, just a clicking sound comes from under the seat.
I thought at first it was the junction box...
Today a new junction box from an '03 ZX7 came in the mail off of eBay. No luck... Still same old clicking sound.

Picked up the igniter as I pushed the start button and the clicking seems to be coming from there, I could feel the click pretty much.

My first assumption is that the igniter is no good....

My second thought is (more or less a question)... Does anyone know of a way to test out the igniter / if I bring it to a mechanic would they be able to hook it up to a computer or something to see if it's ok?

Last one(s)..
I'm seeing some after market stuff out there, along with having lots of problems trying to find a replacement one if that is what is in fact broken.
Can I use a different model does anyone know? Or is there a cross reference chart out there that I can look at or get access to?

Any and all help is appreciated... :) 8)
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Electrical is by FAR not my speciality so I'm hoping others will weigh in here but...I would think if the igniter was the sole culprit, the bike would turn over but not start.

I would first take off all the stuff you did to perform your "bypass" & get it back to stock. Since you are hearing a clicking sound I would think the starter relay is bad, which appears to be what you might have bypassed in the first place. Have you replaced this or eliminate it as the problem? Search the forum as I know there have been several threads on this.

While some igniters are interchangable most are not. For instance you could use one off a ZX9 B model, but the max. RPMs are lower than the ZX7s. So verify the P/N on your igniter with the one you are looking at purchasing, especially when buying off eBay.

Have you replaced this or eliminate it as the problem?
Nope :( And thats my next "track down and find" to see if it's the solenoid / starter relay dealy.
Post a picture of what you think is wrong, I have a couple of 97 ZX7R electronic parts laying around...I don't know if it's interchangeable tho.
Looks like I got it figured out atm. Thanks for the help.
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Here is a link to the duplicate thread that was posted.

Yeah, I don't know how well these forums are with people browsing the entire thing over, so I posted it in the Mechanic's section a bit after to see if it would get any more views / replies in there.

Forums.... They will be the death of me... Too much information to read, and not enough time. lol
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