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Hey guys first post, happy to be here :)
just got my 00 zx9 on saturday, and this evening my buddy stopped by and was checking it out, and i guess it was parked on a bit of a slant, cause i was leaning over rubbing off some white residue on the rear fairing when it tipped over and fell before my buddy could catch it, or before i knew what was happening :(

It only caused some minor scratches on the lower fairing (so i thought) then i took it for a drive and realized that the footpeg bracket had become broken.. snapped like a twig

Now i found a new one (used whatver) on ebay, but it is off of a 97, i believe there was a remodeling done in 97 for the 98-99 model year (new to this bike, bear with me) and im not sure if this one will work on my bike, so im hesitant to buy it,

can anyone tell me yay or nay that this will fit on my bike or not?? thanks!!

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