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zxr250 1990 g reg

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hello im new to this game so dont know if this is right but i have a 90 g reg zxr250 this bike is firing but will not run normally if i take air filter off put petrol straight into carbs it will run and tick over as soon as i put it back together it doesnt start the fuel is not getting through ive set the carbs and cleaned them they looked ok is anyone can help or tell me where the vaccum valve is as i cant seem to find one thanx
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vacuum valve should be below the front side of fuel tank.
make sure the vacuum hose from 2 of 4 piston is sucking air from fuel tank.
and another 2 go directly to the vacuum valve.
thanx milo i will as soon as i get a min
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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